Lord Capital, LLC is a manager of structured investments in trade finance and corporate receivables, focusing on addressing regulatory, accounting, risk transfer, and capital management objectives for global and regional financial institutions and their clients.  The company is currently engaged as:


·         Provider of Control Party services for asset securitization vehicles.

·    Investment manager for institutional funds, trusts, and limited partnerships providing mezzanine and senior financing to asset securitization vehicles

·         Securitization structuring for balance sheet management.


These services are offered individually or in combination as the client's needs demand.


Lord Capital is an affiliate of LCP Capital, LLC which was formed in 2003.  The company has assembled a team of finance professionals with experience in a wide range of asset classes.  The company combines deep technical knowledge with a broad expanse of banking and capital markets expertise.  Collectively, the team brings credibility, maturity, and judgment to investments and control party services.


Control Party Services.  Lord Capital specializes in providing control party services under both IFRS 10 and FAS 167.  The credentials of the team members bring credibility and seasoned judgment to the asset management and servicing policy issues that arise in the role of a control party.


Investment Management.  Lord Capital manages investment vehicles that provide third party capital to structured transactions.  The capital may be mezzanine, serving as credit enhancement to the senior tranches in the structure, and may be characterized as "at risk" capital in deconsolidations.  Lord Capital also seeks opportunities in senior investments of quality credit assets.  For investors, Lord Capital offers qualified institutions the ability to participate in structured investment opportunities with attractive risk/return profiles not commonly available in the broader capital markets.


Balance Sheet Management Solutions.  With deep technical knowledge and a broad expanse of banking and capital markets expertise, Lord Capital can provide turn-key solutions to financial management problems.  Lord Capital constructs balance sheet management solutions utilizing securitization technology configured to clients' unique circumstances.  Dispositions of orphaned and distressed asset portfolios can be achieved without realizing fire-sale prices.  Similarly, off-balance sheet structures can provide "collapsible" capitalization for discontinued portfolios in mergers and acquisition transactions.